Textile Design

Here at FreshTextileDesign.com, our goal is to discover interesting textiles, and explore the processes used for creating them.

The following is a brief overview of some of the processes that textile designers use to create fabrics.

Knitting — Knits

Knitting is the art of creating fabric using a method that involves loops. There are two main classifications of knitting: warp knitting and weft knitting. Warp knitting is primarily done by machine. A person can create weft knitted fabrics by machine, by knitting loom, or by hand.

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Crocheting — Crochet


Crochet also utilizes loops, although the structure of a crocheted fabric is significantly different than the structure of a crocheted fabric. Crochet can only be done by hand; there is no machine that can mimic the complex motions necessary to create crocheted fabric.

Crochet is a fabulous technique to use for designing or making diverse projects such as blankets, afghans, and throws (pictured above at left); flowers and other appliques (pictured at above right); granny squares; sweaters; scarves; hats; mittens; fingerless gloves; shawls; wraps; and many other types of items.

Weaving — Wovens

A person can weave either by hand or with a loom. Looms vary in complexity. A loom can be a simple square with pegs, large enough for weaving a small piece such as a pot holder. At the opposite extreme, looms can be large industrial machines for creating commercially-woven fabrics.

Lacemaking — Lace

Laces defy easy categorizations, since lace can be knitted, crocheted, woven, nonwoven or created by hand utilizing traditional lace-making techniques.

Printing — Prints

Printing is a finishing technique rather than a technique for creating actual fabrics. However, printing can so transform the look of the finished fabric that it deserves its place as a major subtopic covered on our site.

There are many ways to print on fabric: screen printing, heat transfer printing, block printing, and others.


Get Free Tie-Dye Instructions at FreshTextileDesign.com
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Dyeing is another finishing technique that can transform the look of a finished fabric.

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