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The Fresh Textile Design Blog

We’re passionate about all aspects of textile design. We have experience at every level, and we cover it all — from handcrafted artisan textiles to industrial mass-production. No matter what your goals with textiles are, we’ll be posting content that will help you achieve them.

Textile Designers’ Blogs

Amy Solovay’s Blog

Amy is a textile designer, author and educator with a wide variety of textile design experience. She has designed prints, knits, wovens, and embroideries commercially. She also designs knit and crochet patterns for hand-crafters. Amy is also a cruising sailor who travels frequently, and her travels influence her textile patterns and designs.

Lara Cameron’s Blog

Lara is a textile designer and the co-owner of Ink & Spindle, a Kensington, Australia-based screen printing studio focused on creating organic and sustainable yardage.

Caitlin Wilson’s Blog

Caitlin is both an interior designer and a textile designer. Her designs are trendy and ultra-contemporary. Caitlin is doing interesting things with foils and metallics; she also has a knack for designing eye-catching one-screen prints. Caitlin’s fabrics make fantastic home accents such as pillows.

Joanna Figueroa’s Blog

Joanna is a prolific textile print designer who has created many different fabric collections for quilters and home sewers.

Sandi Henderson’s Blog

Sandi designs printed fabrics for quilters and home sewers. She’s also an avid crafter; she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, drawing and painting.

Valori Wells’ Blog

Valori quilts. She also designs fabrics for quilters and home sewers. Her other interests include painting, photography and writing.

Tina Givens’ Blog

Tina designs both printed fabrics and sewing patterns.

Lisa Billings’ Blog

Lisa creates colorful quilts using a variety of printed fabrics.

Paula Prass’ Blog

Paula is an artist and textile print designer.

Karuna’s DesignCrafty Blog

Karuna is a versatile freelance textile designer and artisan who weaves, knits, crochets, dyes yarn, prints, and sews.

Tanya Wheelan’s Blog

Tanya designs fabrics and sewing patterns. She is also a published author.

Textile Manufacturer’s Blogs

Michael Miller Fabrics Blog

Marimekko / Always Mod

This is the blog of a Finnish textile and home products manufacturer.

Textile Design Blogs — General

PatternObserver Website and Blog

A hodgepodge of interesting information about textile designers and their work.

PrintPattern Blog

Covers topics including but not limited to fabric design: wallpaper design, giftwrap, stationery and ceramics.

Sharon’s AboutTextile Blog

Sharon’s blog is focused on the topic of machinery that facilitates the creation and design of various textiles.

Textile Design School Blogs

Textile Design Blog at RMIT University

RMIT University offers a variety of different programs that incorporate textiles:

  • Textile technology
  • Textile and fashion design
  • Fashion technology
  • and others.

Their blog is focused on sharing students’ work.

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